Campo Troupial - Icterus jamacaii
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in Itapajé, Ceará,
100 km from Fortaleza.

The avifauna is listed in
Birds of NE Brazil.
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Threatened species
Many species of NE Brazil are threatened by extinction. Our reserve helps to protect some of them:
Birds of NE Brazil
in Caatinga, Cerrado,
and other habitats
Fork-tailed Woodnymph
Thalurania furcata
Family: Trochilidae
Subfamily: Trochilinae

Local subspecies: Thalurania furcata baeri, distributed in NE and central Brazil, and parts of Amazon, Bolivia, and Argentina. According to Schuchmann 1999a, there are intergrades between baeri and other subspecies of Thalurania furcata, where their ranges meet.

Synonyms: Trochilus furcatusGMELIN 1788;  Thalurania furcata baeriHELLMAYR 1907

Fork-tailed Woodnymph (Thalurania furcata)
12/01/2010; Guaramiranga, Ceará, Brazil. 300 mm f2.8 lens. Flash light.

Figure 1. I saw this Fork-tailed Woodnymph sitting in a bush, at the end of the afternoon, in dim light. It looked entirely black, and I was quite surprised when I first saw its colors on this photo, which was made with a flash-light.

The green throat and the blue breast and belly indicate that this Thalurania furcata is a male. Based only on the above photo, it it not possible to determine the subspecies. A comparison with table 23 in Grantsau 1988 shows that it must be either baeri (Grantsau, fig. 6) or balzani (Grantsau, fig. 4), because of the white crissum and undertail coverts. However, the difference between these two subspecies is the color of the face, which is not visible on the photo. Classification was therefore based on the locality, which lies in the range of baeri. Admittedly an error-prone approach.

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