Campo Troupial - Icterus jamacaii
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in Itapajé, Ceará,
100 km from Fortaleza.

The avifauna is listed in
Birds of NE Brazil.
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Threatened species
Many species of NE Brazil are threatened by extinction. Our reserve helps to protect some of them:
Birds of NE Brazil
in Caatinga, Cerrado,
and other habitats
Red-necked Tanager
Tangara cyanocephala
Pintor-do-Ceará, Saíra-militar
Family: Thraupidae

Local subspecies: Tangara cyanocephala cearensis, known only from Serra de Baturité.

Synonyms: Tanagra cyanocephalaMÜLLER 1776;  Tangara cyanocephala cearensisCORY 1916

Red-necked Tanager (Tangara cyanocephala)
13/01/2010; Guaramiranga, Ceará, Brazil. 300 mm f2.8 lens.

Figure 1. In Serra de Barurité, Tangara cyanocephala can be found in small-holdings and gardens, in banana plantations and other semi-open environments. The first individual I saw was building a nest on a tree just next to the swimmingpool of the Hotel "SENAC" in Guaramiranga. Obviously, the Red-necked Tanager adapts well to human-made habitats. The locals call this beautiful little bird "pintor", in English: "painter", because of its stunning colors.

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