Campo Troupial - Icterus jamacaii
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in Itapajé, Ceará,
100 km from Fortaleza.

The avifauna is listed in
Birds of NE Brazil.
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Threatened species
Many species of NE Brazil are threatened by extinction. Our reserve helps to protect some of them:
Birds of NE Brazil
in Caatinga, Cerrado,
and other habitats
Gould's Toucanet
Selenidera gouldii
Family: Ramphastidae

Range: Southern part of Amazonia, Maranhão, Ceará (Sick 1997).

Synonyms: Pteroglossus gouldiiNATTERER 1837;   

Gould's Toucanet (Selenidera gouldii)
11/12/2009; Serra de Baturité, Ceará, Brazil. 300 mm f2.8 lens.

Figure 1. This toucanet was seen in an area of secundary, but well preserved humid forest in Serra de Baturité, about 100 m away from human habitations. The species is quite common in parts of Serra de Baturité.

The black crown and breast show that this bird is a male (Mata et al. 2006, p. 334/335, fig. 6R).

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